If you’re seeking a powerful way to interact and engage with customers and prospects on social media, then look no further than Facebook Live.

Video content is always a potent way to communicate with your target audience, but there’s simply no outshining live video. In fact, people spend 3x as long watching live video as they do native video content—and live videos receive up to ten times as many comments!

Instagram, Periscope and YouTube all have live streaming options, but if you’re just getting started with live videos, we recommend first adding Facebook Live to your social media marketing strategy. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of, and with these tips and tricks, you’ll quickly see its potential for creative and powerful online engagement.

A Quick Introduction To Facebook Live For Your Travel Marketing Strategy

Facebook Live is essentially a way to broadcast live videos to your audience via your smartphone. No fancy equipment needed. No video editing skills required.

Not only do users love watching live videos, but Facebook’s algorithm typically shows live video higher in your follower’s news feed. Add to that the fact that followers who regularly engage with your brand or subscribe will receive notifications when you go live, and you’ve got an easy way to build meaningful relationships and tell the compelling story of your tourism brand and destination.

However, since Facebook rolled out live broadcasting at the end of 2015, we’ve noticed that surprisingly few travel and tourism businesses are taking advantage of the tool. So…why not?

What most tourism business owners have voiced to us is that they simply don’t know what to share on Facebook Live!

Once you get your creative wheels spinning, you’ll find there’s no shortage to what kind of content you can share via live video streaming. To get you started, here are a few easy ideas we recommend for just about any travel marketing strategy.

5 Ways To Use Facebook Live Video In Your Travel Marketing Strategy

Facebook Live: 5 Ways To Use This Powerful Tool In Your Travel Marketing Strategy

1. Humanize Your Brand

Facebook Live is a perfect opportunity for you to put a personality to your brand! For example, you likely have an About Page on your tourism website. Why not repurpose that content and share your origin story with your followers?

You started your tourism business because of a unique purpose, vision and passion. Telling this story is a great way to cultivate relationships with potential customers, all the while letting them actually put a face and voice to the business.

Avoid using Facebook Live as a spammy sales medium, and instead think of ways you can relate on an emotional level with your ideal customers.

2. Go Behind The Scenes

Take your Facebook followers behind the scenes by giving them access to parts of your business that they otherwise might not see.

Maybe it’s a tour of your kitchen while the chefs are hard at work at their craft. Maybe it’s a look at renovations that are in the works.

Whatever ‘behind the scenes’ means for your tourism business, Facebook Live videos are a great way to showcase all the hard work that goes into crafting your five-star experience, while also giving your followers a sense of VIP access.
Facebook Live: 5 Ways To Use This Powerful Tool In Your Travel Marketing Strategy

3. Highlight Special Occasions and Events

Do you host a special community dinner once a week at your hotel? Is there a special event or retreat happening? Anything interesting and out of the ordinary going on can make a perfect Facebook Live story!

Of course, this is also a very natural way to market similar upcoming paid events and retreats to potential customers. Rather than giving a sales pitch, let your prospects see first-hand the incredible opportunities that await!

Facebook Live: 5 Ways To Use This Powerful Tool In Your Travel Marketing Strategy


4. Tell The Story Of Your Destination

This goes hand-in-hand with Humanizing Your Brand, but here we are specifically referring to the 360-degree experience of booking with your business.

Take your followers on a live tour of your neighborhood, featuring your favorite cafes, restaurants and shops. Stream any interesting cultural attractions or occasions going on. Think about what makes your location a one-of-a-kind destination, and then hop on Facebook Live to showcase it.

5. Answer Customer FAQs

Do you find you regularly receive the same emails and questions from potential customers? Or—even better—do you already have an FAQ page on your website?

There you go. You now have valuable content ready to go for your next live video! Even better, you can repurpose this video later by adding it to your website or even potentially directing people to the answers here (rather than having to send an individual email each time.)

Customers will love the human touch of the video if it solves their problems, and it will save you time and energy!

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Want even more inspiration for your Facebook Live marketing strategy? We love this round-up of some of the best Facebook Live videos of last year.

So now that you have five solid ideas to get started with on Facebook Live, it would probably be helpful to know how to use the video streaming tool! We’ve got you covered. If you’ve never used the feature before, we outline exactly how to get started with it below.


Everything You Need To Know To Use Facebook Live

To get started broadcasting your video, all you need to is click the button for it on your Business Page! Alternatively, if you’re broadcasting from your personal Facebook profile, there is an icon where you publish your status. Easy as can be!

Facebook Live: 5 Ways To Use This Powerful Tool In Your Travel Marketing Strategy

Facebook Live: 5 Ways To Use This Powerful Tool In Your Travel Marketing Strategy

Now it’s time to write a compelling description of your video.

say something about this video600x181
You can edit this description and provide more details about your video after you are finished with your life streaming. More details on this below!

Now, most of you will be ready to start your live video!

If you like, before going live, you can also add filters, write on your video, and control who sees the video. For most businesses though, we recommend keeping it simple and just creating great, engaging content that creates an emotional connection with your audience—without all the bells and whistles in the beginning.
Pro Tip: If you want to test Facebook Live without actually going live for all to see, you can choose the ‘Only Me’ privacy setting (below your name) before starting to broadcast. This is a great way to test the sound and make necessary adjustments ahead of time.

Remember that the longer you keep streaming, the more time your followers will have to join you! We recommend going live for around 20-30 minutes.


Engage With Your Viewers

Have fun with the live aspect of your video! If viewers leave comments, you’ll see them pop up underneath your video in real time. Acknowledge those comments, and respond to any questions people might have. You can even add a personal touch by using people’s names!
Before signing off, always remember to ask viewers to Subscribe to your live videos so that they get notifications for your future broadcasts.

Once you’re finished with your live broadcast, simply click ‘Finish’ and the video will save to your Facebook Timeline. (There’s also an option to save the video to your camera roll, which we recommend so you can easily grab the footage for repurposing in your travel content marketing strategy later on.)


Check Your Facebook Live Analytics

You can learn more about how your video performed, who tuned in to watch, how long people watched for and more by going to your Business Page Insights tabs. Just click on the specific video you want and you’ll easily see the analytics for that live video.

Now you’re ready to start using Facebook Live in your travel marketing strategy.
If you’ve had any success with Facebook Live in the past, be sure to share the links to your videos in the comments below for inspiration!

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