Facebook’s most recent algorithm change has a lot of businesses wondering if the social media platform is still worth all the fuss. It’s understandable to be frustrated. After all, you’ve likely noticed a significant dip in engagement on your travel business’ Facebook page, specifically on photo and link posts.

    But despite all this, Facebook remains a crucial tourism marketing platform with which to engage with both past and potential customers.

    After all, according to tnooz, the top stories shared on Facebook are about travel (some 42% of all stories)!

    While the algorithms may change, for now, Facebook is an important way to communicate directly with potential customers, manage your brand reputation, strengthen brand loyalty and tap into online word of mouth marketing.


    Facebook Marketing Statistics For Travel + Tourism


    The key to winning at Facebook is understanding how to use the social media platform the right way—in a way that will build trust and relationships with your fans and followers.

    Follow these Facebook marketing tips and you’ll soon have an audience of engaged fans who are ready to book from you!

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    Get The Most Out Of Facebook Marketing With These Six Easy Tips


    1. Fill Out Your Profile Completely


    Tourism Marketing Tips: Facebook Page


    You would be amazed how many times I have wanted to call a hotel, yet their phone number is nowhere on their Facebook page! Make it easy for followers to immediately understand what your business is about and how they can get in touch with you. A few critical sections to remember are:

    – A beautiful feature banner photo. We recommend changing this out regularly to highlight special offerings, events, occasions, etc.
    – Phone Number
    – Address – Ensure that your address is exactly the same across all directories and platforms.
    – Map
    – High-quality images and videos
    – A short and long About Page. Use target keywords when appropriate throughout your About Page.


    2. Be A Storyteller

    Remember: you’re not just selling your product or service, you’re selling an experience. Facebook is the perfect platform to showcase your entire package. What makes your destination unique? How can you draw your followers in so that they want to be right there where you are, right now?

    High-quality visuals with engaging captions is a good place to start. Ask questions, share insider tips, highlight awesome attractions in your area… The more your fans like and trust you, the more they will want to engage and buy from you.


    How To Be A Storyteller In Your Facebook Marketing


    Facebook is also an excellent way to become an authority in your industry. By creating an engaged fan base that comes to you for valuable, interesting information, you’ll reap the benefits of increased brand awareness, brand loyalty, and brand authority.

    Think creatively about the story you want your brand to tell. And by all means, avoid spamming people with non-stop promotions and ads.


    3. Go Live

    This ties in strongly with being a storyteller on your Facebook page. However, Facebook Live is so important because Facebook is putting a growing importance on it. Want to get your posts seen by your audience? Excellent live videos will help.

    Use Facebook Live to entice, inspire and build brand likeability. Think of it as a “behind-the-scenes look” into the personality of your hotel, tour or destination. Get your staff excited and involved in the process.

    The great thing about Facebook Live is that there’s no post-production editing or technical skills necessary. All you’ve got to do is click the “live” icon when you go to update your status, create a compelling title and description, and then start filming!


    4. Use Hashtags Sparingly

    It’s painful to see a list of 20 hashtags on a Facebook post. Save that for Instagram, and only use one or two hashtags when they add value or branding to your message.

    That said, we DO recommend creating a unique branded hashtag and incorporating it into Facebook posts when relevant. For example, for one of our clients, we have the hashtag #BlueOsaMoment. We use it to highlight unique, one-of-a-kind experience at and around their yoga retreat and spa in Costa Rica.


    5. Get Your Guests Involved

    It’s not just the narrative that you are creating about your brand that matters, but what your guests have to say about it, too. That’s the beauty of social media. It’s a two-way conversation that allows past and present customers to paint a picture of the experience you are offering. It’s online word of mouth marketing at its best!

    Get your guests talking about you on Facebook by asking them to Check-In while they’re on your tour or at your hotel. Consider offering an incentive, such as “Check in on Facebook and get a happy hour cocktail on us.”


    How To Get Guests Involved In Facebook: Tourism Marketing 101


    User-generated content is another way to get your fans involved in your Facebook page and get tons of epic material to share on your page. Share pictures that your guests uploaded to their own social media account using your branded hashtag (with their permission of course.) Consider fun giveaways that involve entrants sharing fun content related to your brand. Or, get more creative and come up with new and innovative ideas altogether!


    6. Ask For Facebook Reviews

    We know that TripAdvisor takes priority when it comes to getting guest reviews. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t also want great reviews on your Facebook Page! The number of stars your business has is one of the first things fans will notice.


    These are just a few key components of a Facebook page that works. However, master these tips and you’ll see more engagement and conversions from your Facebook marketing in no time.


    How To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page For Free

    Now that you know the the basics of a stellar Facebook Page, it’s time to turn your Page into a inspired online community instead of a barren desert of boredom. To get started we’ve outlined 15 Free Ways To Get More Facebook Page Likes so you can start building that amazing community of people who love your brand and want to help you share it with the world!

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    15 FREE Ways To Get Facebook Page Likes

    Want to learn how to get more Facebook likes without spending a penny on advertising?  Get our free guide sent straight to your email!

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