Online travel marketing can undeniably be a time-consuming affair. And chances are if you’re a tourism business owner, you probably didn’t start your company to become a marketer. You love to be out with guests and clients, showing them your unique expertise, and developing the brand you’ve always dreamed of owning.
Luckily, there are heaps of free and low-cost online marketing tools to make your life easier. In fact, there can be so many tools that it’s a little confusing to know which will help your online marketing—and which will just end up as more clutter and confusion.
To help you get started with filling your online travel marketing toolbox with the right equipment, here are the 7 top tools we recommend to make your life easier:

Save Time On Online Travel Marketing With These 7 Tools


online travel marketing


1. Tailwind: A Pinner’s Haven

Say goodbye to hours wasted on pinning image after image on Pinterest. Tailwind simplifies and optimizes the pinner’s experience so you can get your best pins blasted to users at the perfect times. With Tailwind, you can create a continual trickle of pins so you don’t overwhelm your followers by pinning in bulk, and you don’t have to be on Pinterest 24/7 to do it manually. Don’t forget to utilize Tailwind’s analyzation feature to see your brand’s progress and outcome.
As Pinterest becomes one of the most important social media platforms for tourism businesses, you’ll want to be sure you invest in a tool to streamline your Pinterest efforts. Tailwind starts at just $15 a month or $119 per year.

2. Headline Analyzer: For Effective Blog Post Titles

Did you know that your blog’s title is by far the most important part of the entire article? If you have a mediocre blog title, most readers won’t even click the link to read more. The best blog titles are under 70 characters, include your SEO keyword, and make an emotional or intellectual impact on the reader.
It can be difficult to tell whether your title stands up to the test on your own. That’s why we recommend this great, free online tool: Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer. Just plug in your title, select a category, and get the results! Tweak your title as needed to get the strongest score, and you can guarantee your title will be a lot more appealing to potential readers.

online travel marketing

3. Grammarly: No One Likes Grammar Mistakes

Grammarly: because few people know how to use commas and you don’t want to type like a 3rd grader. Grammarly is a tool that automatically checks your grammar and spelling mistakes and offers suggestions to fix them. It’s free to use, with an option to upgrade to the advanced version for a more in-depth grammar check. For most users, the free version is enough to edit glaring, important mistakes.
The best part about this tool is the free Chrome extension that lets you grammar-check everything from your emails to your Facebook messages to your WordPress blogs. Don’t risk losing a bit of professionalism due to misspelled words, especially when a tool as great as Grammarly is out there for free.

4. Buffer: Twitter’s Best Friend

Buffer is one of our favorite tools for scheduling and updating Twitter. You can get started for free, but you will only be able to schedule ten tweets at a time without upgrading your account. Prices start at $10 per month.
Just like Tailwind, Buffer suggests optimized times to maximize your tweet’s reach. Unlike Hootsuite, however, Buffer automatically pulls images from any pasted link so your tweets are just that much more appealing. This tool is worth every penny invested if you want to see your brand’s twitter ROI skyrocket.

online travel marketing

5. Coschedule: One Stop Shop For The Overwhelmed

If you’re only going to try one social media tool, make it Coschedule. This is your one-stop-shop for all social media marketing optimization and organization.
Coschedule has some free benefits and tools you can access without an upgrade. Everything from cold-sale email templates to blog editorial calendar management tools to Social Media scheduling tools. If you want to streamline your online travel marketing to-do list, this is a great place to start. However, if you’re looking to invest a little extra care into a particular social media platform, like Pinterest for example, you’ll want to pick one of the other tools that specializes in that platform specifically (like Tailwind.)

6. Facebook’s Ad Manager App

We’ve talked about the huge influx of mobile users in the travel and tourism industry, and chances are, you’re contributing to the statistic. If you prefer your Ipad or mobile phone to your desktop, this Facebook Ad Manager app is the perfect tool for you.
With the app, you can track your current Facebook ad’s performance, create new ads or edit existing ads, receive push notifications or edit your ad’s budget/schedule. If you’d rather interact with your guests face-to-face than stare at a desktop screen, this is the perfect app to get you on the go again while keeping your Facebook marketing up-to-par.

7. Moz Pro: SEO Success

Moz Pro is really all you need to score some serious success in the SEO arena. This tool pulls together several other SEO tools creating one platform with a hoard of different functions.
It can do everything from keyword research and management, to ongoing search position monitoring, to comprehensive reports. Moz Pro even gives you suggestions along the way to Ace the game of SEO and help you rise to the top of Google searches. This tool is a bit more advanced, but if you already have a solid understanding of online travel marketing and you have the budget to up your game for better results, this one is a no-brainer.
We think it’s time for you to get back to doing what you love. Utilize these 7 tools to streamline your online travel marketing efforts and save precious time today!

online travel marketing


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