Blue Osa Yoga
Retreat + Spa

Blue Osa is a yoga retreat and spa located in one of the most secluded and stunning corners of Costa Rica.


Social Media Marketing

Photography & Videography

Content Marketing

The Challenge

Blue Osa has long been savvy to the importance of a results-oriented travel marketing strategy. But as they continued to scale, it quickly became clear that Aaron, the owner, couldn’t manage the retreat, deliver 5-star yoga teacher training programs, and worry about implementing a cutting-edge tourism marketing solution. Feeling increasingly frustrated with how quickly tourism marketing evolves and changes — and overwhelmed with the DIY mentality — Blue Osa asked Untethered Media for a solution.

Blue Osa not only saw a 200% increase in online engagement within the first month of working together, but they continued to see a steady rise in revenue throughout the 2 years (and counting) we’ve worked together.

The Results

Untethered Media first came on site to gather stunning visual content. Then, through multi-channel storytelling, we used Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and a blogging strategy to build the Blue Osa brand, foster relationships, and increase sales. As a result of our 360-degree tourism marketing strategy, Blue Osa grew from one yoga teacher training a year to three, effectively tripling their revenue from one offering alone.

We have been so blessed at Blue Osa to work with Untethered Media. Thank you so much for sharing your unique brilliance with us. You are a game changer for anyone who works with you.

– Aaron Star, Blue Osa Yoga Retreat


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