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    At Untethered Media, we look at digital marketing like it is a living, multi-faceted ecosystem. Sure—paid ads, social media, SEO and content marketing are all valuable online strategies in their own right.

    But when your digital marketing strategy seamlessly interconnects all the right platforms for your business AND incorporates user behavior and neuromarketing?

    That’s when your ROI really takes off.

    Stop throwing a million various online ideas at different freelancers, departments and interns—all in the hopes that something might stick.

    Learn how your business can accelerate leads and sales with a bespoke, results-driven digital marketing strategy today.

    “They’re great to work with, always innovative and upbeat when completing the at times arduous tasks.

    Someone considering hiring them, should just do it. They will exceed all your expectations, they’re some of the best marketers out there. Especially with their experience in the travel and tourism industry, they bring a next level touch to all of the marketing they do.”

    ~ Lynan Saperstein

    Award-Winning Travel Experts, Our Founders Have Been Featured In:

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    Great Brands Get Results With Untethered Media

    Through psychology, data-driven digital strategies and a passion for our craft, we help businesses achieve accelerated sales growth—all for one easy and affordable monthly price.

    Not Sure Where To Start?

    Choose which best describes you…

    I Need A Plan

    -My tourism business isn’t growing as quickly as I know it could be.

    -I need a digital marketing strategy, but I don’t know where to start.

    -I keep trying different digital marketing platforms, but nothing gets any traction.

    -I’m not ready to outsource my digital marketing strategy, but I need a plan to follow.

    Do It With Me

    -I’ve had some success with digital marketing, but I don’t know what to do to take it to the next level on my own.

    -I have a small but motivated team that could grow my online presence with the right guidance and support.

    -I want one-on-one consultation calls and support so I can master my digital marketing skills and confidently instruct my team.

    Do It For Me

    -I know digital marketing is crucial for my tourism business to succeed, but I don’t have the time or resources to do it efficiently or effectively.

    -I want RESULTS. I prefer a team of experts to take over my digital marketing strategy so I can focus on what I do best.

    -I want high growth, I want to show up everywhere my ideal customers are searching, and I want a team I can trust.

    Our Digital Marketing Services

    Website Design & Development

    You deserve a gorgeous website that not only clearly conveys your brand and services, but also increases sales and customers. We build beautiful websites that do just that.


    Content Marketing

    Better position your brand in search engines for more targeted traffic. Deeply connect with that traffic through compelling content. Convert that traffic into high-value sales.

    Social Media Marketing

    From engaging with your social community to managing your brand’s reputation to attracting more customers through paid ads, smart social media management is a must in today’s age.

    Search Engine Optimization

    You need your business to show up where your ideal customers are already searching. In-depth keyword research + the latest white-hat practices to build rankings where it matters.

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing has a proven track record for low cost per conversion. Build relationships and sales with past and potential customers through personalized + engaging messages.

    Analytics & Reporting

    If it’s not being measured, it can’t be managed. We track the most important KPIs and constantly look for opportunities for improvement to ensure your business keeps growing.

    What Makes Untethered Media Different

    We are a small but mighty team of passionate digital marketing experts. Our founders, Dan and Casey, first harnessed the power of digital marketing to grow their own online businesses—which allowed them to realize their dream of working from anywhere in the world.

    Today, our global team of digital marketing experts are dedicated to helping your business step into its fullest potential.

    What Clients Say

    “We have been so blessed at Blue Osa to work with Untethered Media. Thank you so much for sharing your unique brilliance with us. You are a game changer for anyone who works with you.” – Aaron Star

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